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Let’s face it, being a Redwood RV Owner (past, present or wanna-be) is all about seeking new experiences, expecting the very best and always looking for the next great adventure, while still having our home, comforts and community with us.


In this spirit we, the founding committee of the Redwood Rv Owners Group, are so proud to publicly announce the formation and launch of the Redwood RV Owners Group for open membership. On January 20, 2015 the Redwood Owners Group, Inc. was officially established as a Non-Profit 501c(7) for the specific purpose to help Redwood Residential RV enthusiasts share their knowledge, expertise and ideas to enhance the Redwood lifestyle and support it’s family of owners.


As part of that process, this website will be moving to our new Web neighborhood.  We are not abandoning the years of contributions on this webs site, but are asking you for your help with the move.  


It won’t be easy; then again anything in life that matters rarely is.


During the next 60 days this site will be transitioned to a new, more flexible, more expandable, website, one that is better able to meet the growing needs of our community.


What to expect:


  • During the transition you can get your new account by signing up for a account on the new site.
  • The current threads will continue to be available for searches and replies on the current website and ultimately will end up as archived posts on the new forum.
  • We encourage you to establish a new profile on the new website and explore the site.  There are many new features including personalized photo albums, a full featured blog spot and extensive privacy controls.  We are building a FAQ for all our members and your “frequently asked questions” will guide us to craft an FAQ for all our members.
  • Please post new threads on the new site and we would appreciate during the transition that you monitor both sites to help each other during the move.  We don’t want to cut off the old site until everyone has had a chance to move to our new neighborhood.
  • The new reorganized forum category structure is designed to help you more quickly and easily find the information you are most interested in. The reorganization is supported by a new "Recent" tab that shows you only the new posts across all categories. Feel free to select the recent time frame that best matches your viewing preference.
  • We will continue to keep you informed with updates on both sites as best we can.  If you wish to stay fully informed subscribe to the Forum Announcements category so you can get an email when new information is posted.
  • We will continue to keep you informed as the transition progresses.  Should you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please feel free to reach out to us using the Contact Us link in the Main menu on the new site.


Thanks for being part of our community, and we look forward to greeting you in our new web neighborhood

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The Forum, is for all owners, former Redwood owners and wannabes, interested in the Redwood 5th wheel RVs manufactured by Redwood of Syracuse, Indiana.

We are a group of people who own Redwood, Cypress. Sequoia and Blackwood Fifth Wheel Trailers or “want to” own a Redwood or Cypress or Sequoia or Blackwood and enjoy meeting and chatting with other Redwood, Cypress, Sequoia and Blackwood owners.

We have a large, category based, Forum and a great Photo Gallery! Our Forum contains a classified section for those wishing to sell or purchase a USED Redwood or other closely related RV products.

If you are looking to make modifications to your Redwood and have a question, join the Forum and post your question. You can also take a look in the Photo Gallery for ideas as many of the members have already posted pictures in the gallery of their modifications.

If you are looking at purchasing a Redwood, Cypress and Sequoia RV and have any questions about the units or how to figure the correct size tow vehicle for your RV or any other question, please join the Forum

We have members from all over the United States and Canada who will be glad to help you with your questions or point you in the right direction for trouble shooting.

For Instructions on how to register for the Forum, click on "Registration Instructions below the Forum link.

For Instructions on how to register for the Photo Gallery, click on "Registration & Upload Instructions.

Note: There are two separate registrations required, 1 for the Forum and 1 for the Photo Gallery.

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